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Miles of Training podcast is all about interstate trucking. Penni Royston, your host, is an interstate authority expert and licensed commercial insurance agent. Whether your a newbie in the industry or a seasoned carrier there’s something new to learn for all.

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Ep 6: What is IFTA?

Friday Apr 05, 2024

Friday Apr 05, 2024

IFTA is a program that has been around for a long time.  It's where you calculate your mileage and fuel purchases and complete a form on a quarterly basis.  Is you need assistance with this process we can help you by signing up with our DOT Shield Premium Compliance Program.  Visit us at to sign up!

Ep 5 : What is an MCS-150 form?

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Many folks are confused by this form.  In the episode I will help you understand where to file the form, when to file the form, how much does it cost and the tricks of the trade.  If you need assistance request our service here:

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

Many trucking company owners are overwhelmed by all of the regulations and don’t have a clue where to start.  So often times important safety issues are not handled until they’re audited.  Putting proper systems into place is key!  Sign up here:

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

I think the BOC-3 is one of the most misunderstood trucking forms on the planet!  Listen as I demystify this form so you understand what it is and where you need to file this form.
To order a BOC-3, visit our web site at: or call us at 303-482-2965.

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Do you know the difference between an interstate shipment and an intrastate shipment?  If you're in trucking you need to know so you can check your truck's permit book.  Having the correct permits will make the port of entry stop a lot easier and with less stress.

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Welcome to our very first podcast!  I'm your host, Penni Royston, President and CEO of Evilsizor Process Servers LLC dba Evilsizor & Associates.  We will be discussing many aspects of the interstate trucking industry while you're driving down the road.
Join me in each episode as we dive deep into the realm of interstate trucking and the importance of compliance.


Interstate Trucking

Interstate Trucking is a fun yet challenging industry.  The level of permits depends on so many factors and that's what we talk about here at Miles of Training by Evilsizor's Podcast.

The goal is to learn while driving down the road so help you be more successful and understand the industry better.

Penni Royston is your host. She's an interstate authority expert and licensed commercial insurance agent with 34 years of experience.


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